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ACTE's core purpose is "to provide leadership in developing an educated, prepared, adaptable and competitive workforce." Leadership development is a crucial part of fulfilling this purpose. ACTE’s leadership development programs seek to build strong leaders to lead ACTE, our state associations and the CTE field at large into the future to meet this critical purpose.  

ACTE’s leadership development programs are divided into three areas of influence to best meet your areas of interest:

Although each program has its own specific focus, ACTE recognizes that the principles learned in one program may also be applicable to other contexts.

The national ACTE leadership programs allow you the opportunity to get involved in the leadership of the national association. If you are a state leader, you can get connected to ACTE through its state leadership programs, providing you with the resources you need to succeed. The professional leadership programs supply the training you need to get equipped for taking a leadership role in your professional setting.

In addition, all participants have the option of joining sessions centered on essential leadership principles to further build their leadership capacity. Join ACTE in its leadership webinars and leadership program sessions at events!

Information on ACTE's Current National Leaders

Board of Directors
State Association Leaders

National ACTE Leadership

These leadership positions within national ACTE provide you with hands on leadership experience.

Standing Committees and Task Forces
ACTE has six standing committees and several task forces on a variety of important topics affecting ACTE and the entire CTE field.

Board of Directors
ACTE has a 19-person Board made up of a representative from each of the five Regions and 11 Divisions, in addition to three officers. Board members serve a three-year term, with elections occurring on a rotating basis each year. ACTE’s Board of Directors is the highest level of leadership in the Association.

National Leadership Brochure

ACTE State Leadership

These programs are specifically geared toward state associations and state leaders. Whether you are already a state leader or are interested in becoming one, you will receive the support you need through ACTE’s state leadership programs. Download this brochure to learn more about how ACTE can help support your state association. 

  1. Leadership Development: The State Leadership Training Program, sponsored by the US Army, is designed to assist current and emerging state leaders with association management. The program sessions feature a variety of speakers discussing general leadership topics, as well as respected ACTE members addressing the nine standards of the Quality Association Standard award.
  2. Networking: ACTE provides you with several avenues to network with other state association leaders, offering you opportunities to share ideas and best practices, and receive support.
  3. Resources and Tools: ACTE has multiple state association leadership resources to give you the hands-on, practical tools for improving your state association, through association management resources or ACTE information.
  4. Recognition: The purpose of the Quality Association Standard award is to provide benchmarks for state associations to determine levels of performance and satisfactory service to their members and prospective members. The QAS award recognizes the implementation of leadership.

ACTE's Professional Leadership Programs

The Time is Right for CTE

Instructional leaders across the country are facing both exciting opportunities and incredible challenges as the traditional education model in the United States is outpaced by changing technology, workforce demands and global competition. Yet, traditional solutions don't address the multifaceted needs of an increasingly global job market. How to provide students with the education that will lead to meaningful, competitive employment has never been a more complex question.

ACTE's professional leadership programs equip CTE professionals with the skills you need to be a leader in your profession, at your school, in your administration and with your students. The different formats and programs allow you to choose the path that best meets your interests, needs and availability.

Fellowship Program
This program prepares participants by developing leaders in three areas: leadership development, public policy and professional development. 

Educators-in-Residence Program
This program allows participants to take a leadership role by working on a project to impact ACTE and the rest of the CTE field.

Professional Leadership Brochure

Helping great educators become great leaders!

Additional Leadership Development Resources

For a list of each opportunity, including a breakdown of time commitments and deadlines, please visit the volunteer page.

Leadership Book Reviews
Looking for a good leadership book to read for your own personal/professional development? Check out these books reviewed by ACTE leaders and staff.

Leadership Webinars Sponsored by the U.S. Army
As one of the premier leadership institutions in the world, the U.S. Army is an innovator in education and leader development. The U.S. Army hosted a webinar series for ACTE members to demonstrate the learner-centric, collaborative approaches and best practices that enable Army soldiers to become adaptive, 21st-century leaders. Topics include leader development basics, conflict management, team management, working with limited resources and decision-making.

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Educator Resources

ACTE Leadership Training Program

ACTE is proud to offer you an opportunity to develop the leadership skills of existing and potential leaders in your state association. The Leadership Development Task Force has developed a new state leadership training program to further develop current state and regional association leaders, while also exposing up and coming leaders to leadership development.

ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program

The ACTE National Leadership Fellowship Program began in 2009 as an Opportunity Fund project initiated by the ACTE Board of Directors. As of 2011, three classes of Fellows have completed the program. In summary, the ACTE Fellowship Program is an instrument to provide professional development, policy knowledge and leadership development.  


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